Applying narrative theories to dark souls 3


  • Hero- the unkindled
  • villain- lords or cinder
  • helper- most npc/anri of astoria
  • dispatcher- firekeeper
  • princess- the first flame
  • father- fire keeper/unkindled
  • false hero- inuex gundr/unkindled
  • donor- inuex gundr


  • Good-Evil
  • Light-Dark
  • Life-Death



The flame is alive and healthy


The flame begins to die


Lords of cinder and the unkindled arise from their graves

Attempt at repair

Unkindled returns the L.O.C back to their throne.

equilibrium/new equilibrium

  • Same: flame is rekindled
  • new 1: flame dies, age of man begins
  • New 2:Flame is taken by the unkindled
  • New 3: flame is corrupted, age of hollows begins.

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