Making the cave

today i made the cave scene for my game. in this area you meet lisa the hog beast who is taking a bath in the towns water supply, effectively poisoning it.

i first layout the foundations of the mouth of the cave, as this is one of two main focuses of the scene. it is made of multiple dodecahedrons and low poly circles to act as the wall. i then added a light inside to simulate sunlight pouring in.
i added a base for the character to stand on, as well as a cube primitive with a clear, distorted texture applied to it to simulate water (created with the help of this tutorial:
The lighting+”water” after rendering.
i next added some random assets such as stalagmite/tites and protruding rocks to add to the feel of the area. these assets were then textured with a quick painting i did in photoshop. i also added a basic representation of the hogbeast lisa, which was created by distorting the pre-made figurine model.
Another test in how the environment looks in render.