The torquay museum brief

Ed, Martyn, and I have decided to work with Torquay museum to fulfill our client based brief unit. They are wanting to make use of digital technologies within the museum for a more excited and interesting visitor/user experience. our response to this was a pitch to the client in form of a power point presentation detailing 2 ideas, the fist being a AR interaction of some exhibits providing onscreen information and possibly an interactive 3D model of the artifact; the other being a series of mini games and activities that relate to the exhibition/exhibits.

We decided to go with the latter and have set roles in the groups. Ed has a fairy decent understanding of unity and as such will be behind the programming and level design of the games. Martyn will be developing the meshes  for use in the games including characters, walls, doors, pickups etc. I will be doing a small amount of modeling however my main focus will be texturing the assets via Painting onto their UV maps.