Job searching

today we had a look at the requirements and availability of jobs in our field of study, we gained valuable insight into the kind of salaries we could receive as well as what would be expected of us if we were to apply. it was also interesting to know that the skills we develop during our education don’t necessarily have to SOLEY apply to a job in game/web design.

this then led to looking into housing prices ranging from our local towns, to areas popular to people in our area of study (interactive design/media) such as london and plymouth. the prices are drastically different, london can range from £500 pcm all the way app to £20k ppm where as plymouth started at around the £250 pcm mark. this in coalition with your earnings, is important to take into consideration when budgeting money.


Rethinking “Follow me Folo”

Over the last week i have decided to rethink my approach on developing this game, a lot of the games design and setting comes from inspiration from games such as Limbo, and Ori and the blind forest. the final nail in the coffin for my decision is the fact that OaTBF features a wisp/fairy character that follows Ori, which i previously didn’t notice.

That being said i am beginning on designing another concept which has significantly different mechanics, style and setting. its a lot simpler than my previous idea, which my prove to be beneficial, considering i am learning new techniques (unity/unreal engine) and have yet to have and finalised art style.

In short the story is going to be about a young mans journey to find the source of pollution affecting the towns well. they will progress through the woodland and into the caves where the source lies, meeting multiple character with equally and entertaining dialogue.

A synopsis explaining the game and its characters in detail will follow shortly.

Applying narrative theories to dark souls 3


  • Hero- the unkindled
  • villain- lords or cinder
  • helper- most npc/anri of astoria
  • dispatcher- firekeeper
  • princess- the first flame
  • father- fire keeper/unkindled
  • false hero- inuex gundr/unkindled
  • donor- inuex gundr


  • Good-Evil
  • Light-Dark
  • Life-Death



The flame is alive and healthy


The flame begins to die


Lords of cinder and the unkindled arise from their graves

Attempt at repair

Unkindled returns the L.O.C back to their throne.

equilibrium/new equilibrium

  • Same: flame is rekindled
  • new 1: flame dies, age of man begins
  • New 2:Flame is taken by the unkindled
  • New 3: flame is corrupted, age of hollows begins.

Follow me Folo: Synopsis

The brief calls for me to develop a point and click RPG adventure game. In response to this I’m going to develop “Follow me Folo”.

At this stage the mechanics of the game are simple and mostly focus on exploration and story due to the limitations on point and click and have decided that it is bed to avoid combat. This can be beneficial as i can focus more on designing the environment and quality of the sound.



Folo is a 10 year old boy and one of the two protagonists of the game. He has brown hair and sports an attire consisting of a red shirt, beige shorts, and green shoes. he does not have any distinct facial features other than a pair of black eyes. he has a somewhat twiggy/slim frame and is short in stature. Fool is an inquisitive boy, this can lead to trouble as seen when he encounters Fenrir, it is this inquisitive and problem solving nature however that could prove useful to the wisp that so desperately needs Folos help.


The wisp is a creature native to the woodland, is is very little more than a ball of yellow light. The wisp acts as a guide to folo, granting him safe passage through the woodland via the light it provides. this light has a negative impact on the darkness and creatures that spawn from it, giving fool incentive to stay close and follow it wherever it goes. the wisp helps fool not only of of good intentions/kindness, but because it cannot interact with the physical world overly well and needs help to accomplish its goal of banish the incursion of darkness. in return, Wisp will eventually guide Folo home.


A large wolf consisting of shadow, this creature will attack Folo before being fended off by the wisp. Not much is yet know about this large dog, However, it is a possibility that this beast is linked to the current incursion of shadow and may help the protagonists in finding the source of the darkness. Fenrir is depicted as a large black wolf with red eyes, the very form of the creature seems to consist of shadow.


The child, curious about the surrounding woodland, goes out to explore. As Folo travels further into the wood, they discover that the forest gets darker and more ominous. they get to a point where the beauty of the woods had disappeared and been replaced by dead, twisted trees and dark gloom. it is at this point the encounter a “Fenrir”, a wolf consisting of shadow. The creature is however fended off by Wisp, a bright creature that Folo will now rely on to keep the creatures of darkness at bay.

Folo and Wisp spend the game traveling through the woodland and overcoming whatever puzzles/obsticals are in their way. eventually they will come to what is a partial source of the darkness in the form of some sort of flora. upon destroying this plant, the darkness in the area will be replace by sunlight and lush, colourful flora as well as the unlocking of areas previously blocked/hidden by shadow.


Wisp is going to be linked to the movement of the cursor and guide the movement of Folo. Wisp can also highlight points/objects of interest to signal folo to interact with them, one  example could be a lever that lowers a bridge, upon clicking on it with wisp the lever will highlight and folo will make his way over to pull it.

while folo can interact with the physical aspects of the world, he is useless when it comes to shadows. Wisp however can use its light to clear superficial obstacles like darkness or shadow creatures that Folo cant even touch. there are of course some things that neither character can clear/remove (shadow infused roots) without the destruction of the local source. this gives the player incentive to return to the area to find secret items or dialogue.

I would LIKE to implement a “fear gauge” which slowly increases the longer Folo is in the darkness, once the Gauge is full Folo is too afraid to continue and the game is over. This is not entirely decided on yet as i would then have to build with points where you would need to leave Folo behind for a small period to full make use of this mechanic and will most likely be an extra feature if time constraints and ease of design will allow me to add it.


narrative theories: Propp/Todorov/Barthes/Levi-strausse

the brief calls for me to develop a narrative to build my game around. for this i looked into the narrative theories of propp, todorov, barthes and strausse.

vladmir propp

propp discovered that the majority of the narratives he read (mostly russian folktales) shared a similar structure. this structure consisted of 8 roles in which the characters in the story would fall into:

  • the villain- the enemy/person or thing that works against the heroes actions
  • the hero- morally good, seeking something
  • the donor – the provider of an object/key component to the hero’s journey
  • the helper- the person(s) who assists the hero on his/her journey
  • the princess- the hero’s goal/reward
  • the father of the princess- the person or thing that give the hero the reward
  • the dispatcher- the person who sends the hero on their journey
  • the false hero- a person who appears to be good but ends up aiding the villain

propp tell us that not every story may contain all the roles or that one character can take up more than one of them. these are called the “8 spheres of action”

lets take lord of the rings as an example:

villain- sauron

hero- frodo baggins

donor- Bilbo baggins

helper- Samwise

princess- Salvation of middle earth

father of the Princess- the elves

dispatcher- Gandalf

false hero- Saruman

Using an aduino

jake and I had a crack at using an Arduino. an Arduino is a miniature computer of sorts that can be programmed to perform a wide range of tasks.

i had never used one before so i started of simple, using the Arduino software i programmed the Arduino to make an LED switch on and off at the push of one of two buttons.

the setup for the toggle light.
the setup for the toggle light.

i first set up the wiring in the breadboard (the white thing with all the wires in it). how they were laid out was important as i dont want to short circuit the board. one all was in place i has to push the function (that was pre written in the Arduino software) to the Arduino itself.

the code told the Arduino to sent a charge of electricity from a port upon receiving a signal from the button.

Photo on 02-10-2015 at 14.22
Photo on 02-10-2015 at 14.22 #2
And on

it didn’t blow up. thats a start. i could see possible use for an Arduino in future projects, it would be interesting when being used in a game that involved disarming a time bomb or interacting with controls.