Arctiles assets

These were the assets i created and used to develop a penguin themed memory tile game in response to a brief set by living coasts.

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Digital editing

A fun pastime of mine is adobe photoshop. the majority of the images i create are humorous manipulations of my friend images that they put up on their social media accounts.

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2D drawings and assets

i am aiming to get my foot in the door as a 2D video game artist. i have taken up interest digital painting and texture design so below are a few attempts.

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Music and sound

i hade to make some music and sound effects to accompany some levels in my interactive narrative. i used foley to create the sound effects and logic pro to make the music.

3D modeling

Some concepts for the areas of my game “Bad sauce source.” included are the poisoned well and the cave in which the beast polluting it is discovered.

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